Just as Enrico's cuisine is personal, so is our cellar. Just as the menu changes with the seasons, so too does our wine offering. This allows us to create a link between the wine and the dish, from ingredients that are equal to the gastronomic experience.

We don't like the technical idea of pairing: rather, we want gastronomic wines.
Freedom of interpretation is needed to complement Enrico’s cuisine.

Born in Basilicata in 1985, Vincenzo Donatiello is a sommelier who grew up professionally between Puglia, where he attended the Vieste hotel management school, and the Adriatic Riviera, where he gained his first experience and collected his first awards. From 2009, he began a star-studded journey that saw him working first at the court of Gianfranco Bolognesi at La Frasca in Milano Marittima, then at the Pascucci al Porticciolo restaurant in Fiumicino, and, finally, at the Piastrino in Pennabilli. 2013 was the year of Piazza Duomo: since then, he has worked alongside Enrico Crippa.