Just as the cuisine of Enrico is personal, so is our wine cellar. Just as the menu changes with the seasons, so do our wines offered. This allows us to create a link between the wine and the dish, to complete the entire gastronomic experience.

We do not like the idea of technical wine matching: we prefer, rather, gastronomic wines.

To complement the cuisine of Enrico, we need freedom of interpretation.

At the core are the desires of the guests: what do they love drinking in general, what do they want to taste again, what areas would they like to discover, are they willing to get out of their comfort zone to discover a new variety or unconventional wine-making technique?

To select the wines that come into our cellar, we believe that the best way is ... to get on the road and meet the producers. The quality of wine is only the starting point: we are interested also in the people behind the wine.

Our Wine Pairings

Our pairings routes by the glass are inspired by an idea from the start, but every day is declined in different ways: more than combinations, tales of wine.

  • 100% Piemonte - top to bottom of the region
  • Organic Way! - rendez-vous with natural wines
  • 1,100kms - from Alba to Beaune, and back, discovering Piedmont and Burgundy
  • Grand Cru - a journey of classic French

To contact Vincenzo:

Vincenzo Donatiello: of the Lucanian region, sommelier, born in 1985, hailing from Vulture and rose through the ranks in hospitality, developing professionally between Puglia, where he attended the hotel management school of Vieste, and Romagna, with the first experiences along the Adriatic coast.

In 2009 he arrived at La Frasca in Milano Marittima (at the time ** Michelin) in the realm of Gianfranco Bolognesi, and was the first of a series of Michelin-starred experiences that saw him as restaurant Pascucci al Porticciolo in Fiumicino (* Michelin) and Piastrino in Pennabilli (* Michelin).

Since February 2013, he has been at Piazza Duomo in Alba, newly three-Michelin starred, the realm of the chef Enrico Crippa.

He was Best Junior Sommelier of Italy in 2004 and Best Sommelier of Romagna in 2010, Sommelier of the Year 2013 for Italia a Tavola Magazine, Best Restaurant Director 2016 for Touring Club Restaurant Guide and Maitre of the Year 2018 for L'Espresso Italian Restaurant Guide.