«Never before have we dreamed of travelling as much as in this period. And yet, before this long pause, moving non-stop led us to forget what we had within reach».


If Enrico Crippa's cuisine is a sensory journey, through time and space, the new menus interpret a double wish of the chef: on the one hand, to exalt the bond with the land and its history; on the other hand, to explore new frontiers of taste, in an ever-evolving creative synthesis that, while it always starts with seasonality and caring for the vegetable garden, is full of international influences.

Barolo menu

Is an ode to Piedmont and its great Savoyard, but also peasant, traditions. Fun fact: the very idea of a menu, a list that anticipates the dishes for the diners, took shape in the nineteenth century in the House of Savoy, from an idea of the chef Giovanni Vialardi, to whom we also owe the wine list. At the time, Barolo was already the star, as were risotto and venison dishes, royal dishes that Crippa now reinterprets alongside monastic or folk recipes, such as Benedictine-tradition snails or tartrà, a savoury pudding. In addition to the famous truffles, there is no shortage of surprises such as the sandwich, invented by the Earl of Sandwich as a quick meal to be consumed at the card table and launched in Turin in 1925 at Caffè Mulassano.

The Journey Menu Crippa XXI

Creativity, continuous research, and excellent raw materials are the essential ingredients, always being updated, at the base of the eight multicoloured courses of the “Il Viaggio” (journey) menu, a profound expression of Crippa's culinary philosophy. A summary of his personal and professional journey, and the multifaceted wealth of experience that combines the mastery and finishes of French cuisine with the Italian spirit of his origins, as well as Japan's passion for choreography.