In the name of colour, his culinary art is in tune with the experiential collecting that the Ceretto family has been promoting in the area for more than 20 years, inviting world-renowned architects, artists, and designers to experience the landscape of the Langhe, becoming part of it, leaving memories and signs of shared beauty such as the emblematic Cappella del Barolo.

In this sense, Piazza Duomo offers an all-round art experience. While the interior is by New York curator Bill Katz, several artists define the atmosphere. In the main room, the pink one, a large grape leaf embraces the globe and the continents: it is a work by Francesco Clemente - 4 days of non-stop work and the choice of a colour as bright as it is unexpected. The second room is enriched by two opera curtains created by Louise Nevelson.

Hanging along the rooms and the lounge, works and images of other artists stand out, including those who, over the years, have met and inspired Enrico Crippa in the creation of tribute menus, from Marina Abramovic to Kiki Smith, from Anselm Kiefer to Patti Smith and Lynn Davis. It is not uncommon for the chef to gift customers with menus signed by them.