Situated just a few kilometres from Alba, at the foot of the Ceretto winery, the vegetable garden of the Piazza Duomo Restaurant expresses the passion for the vegetable world of the three-star chef Enrico Crippa who, on the Monsordo Bernardina Estate, cultivates and uses raw material for the menus of his restaurant in the historic centre of the Piedmontese town.

Born from the common vision of Enrico Crippa and the Ceretto family, the vegetable garden includes a growing greenhouse (400m2) and a plot of land (4000 m2), where the chef goes personally every day to select and collect vegetables, herbs and flowers.

For Enrico Crippa the vegetable garden is the ideal place where the experience of the years spent in Japan, those with eminent chefs such as Gualtiero Marchesi and Michel Bras, and the local horticultural tradition converge, with particular attention to Piedmontese edible plants. Large selection of varieties, particular attention to quality and a strong sense of colour are the key elements that characterise Piazza Duomo dishes.