There is always a lot of talk about how the partnership between the Ceretto family and the genius and regularity of Enrico Crippa's cuisine came about. Thanks to a meeting in Paderno D’Adda, at the first bite of a pumpkin and gorgonzola brittle, Bruno Ceretto knew that he had finally found his chef.

It was the beginning of the 2000s and, together with the culture of wine and a passion for art, the Piedmontese entrepreneur and patron was thinking about promoting and exalting his hills through the excellent cuisine of a great restaurant.

The chef makes the restaurant, of course. But in the case of Piazza Duomo, it cannot be separated from the centuries-old charm of the location, as exceptional as the menu.

For people sitting in the pink room at lunchtime, wrapped in the natural light that the walls frescoed by the painter Francesco Clemente reflect and warm, facing the window is a cinematic experience.

The protagonist, in all its splendour, is the Piazza del Duomo (hence the name of the restaurant). This is what it's called in Alba, even if the map shows Piazza Risorgimento. Your gaze will meet the Romanesque cathedral, the town hall, the public offices, and those of the bishopric.

Time seems motionless: according to land registry data, no change of ownership has taken place since 1600. It is the heart of Alba, made of composure and pride. The same that Mr. Bruno was able to experience by purchasing that single private building on the square, today an international symbol of Italian excellence and culture.