We live in a world where time for yourself is often limited and thus very special. For this reason, we want to create for our guests exactly the experience they want to have in Piazza Duomo.

We create a personalised service for each person, step by step, respecting tastes and expectations: not one restaurant with 11 tables, but 11 little different restaurants.

It is not enough to slavishly follow the classic rules of service, those of the great restaurants in Europe decades ago, to ensure perfection.

It is not enough that the glass is filled to the precise level, or that the tablecloth is without crumbs.

Instead, what is needed is to create the atmosphere for each guest that will allow them to enjoy Piazza Duomo the the fullest.

Our role is to act as a bridge between Enrico’s cooking and our customers, giving voice to the silent dialogue between the guest and the kitchen. Our service reflects the style of the chef: sober, on tiptoes, without excess.

The Search For Perfection:
The Partnership
With The Ceretto Family.

It has been for almost 80 years now that the Ceretto family has been in search of perfection.
First came the wine: 160 hectares of vineyards that include some of the greatest crus of Langa, the love for the beautiful countryside that sees more than a million bottles produced annually.

Then the contemporary architecture, supporting the arts and artists.
Finally, with the same love for the Langhe and continuous drive to find the best, came the decision to create a great restaurant in Alba.

Having purchased the magnificent building that overlooks the Piazza del Duomo, he was left to find a chef to head such an ambitious project.

So, in 2003 Bruno Ceretto set off on a long journey to restaurants all over Europe to find the right candidate.

It was another great chef, Carlo Cracco, who put Ceretto in contact with Enrico Crippa, who at the time was working in a restaurant in Paderno d'Adda, in his birthplace Brianza.

When the entire Ceretto family went there for dinner, as soon as the first plate arrived at the table, there were no doubts: the search was over.

Enrico will be the chef of Piazza Duomo.

The Fresco Of Francesco Clemente

Adding to the culinary art of the chef, is a piece of art that makes this restaurant unique.

In harmony with the passion for contemporary art that is found in all projects of the Ceretto family, along the "pink room" of Piazza Duomo, stands the fresco of Neapolitan artist Francesco Clemente: a giant grape leaf, homage to commissioning family, embracing a globe with its five continents, while the grape vine branches out in a series of metaphorical images along the four walls of the room with soft colors inspired by the Langa landscape.