My Garden

While on the one hand, my cooking is instinctive, on the other it is deeply tied to the land. More precisely: to the vegetable garden and its historical, primary reasoning, which over the years has become more and more prominent in my work.

In any season, the core of my work is to make the most of the fruits of the field.

In a vegetable garden, there are not just four seasons. There are dozens of seasons, even hundreds: every day there is something different, and my role is to find the right place for every vegetable.

When an ingredient is no longer available, the dish must be reconsidered: the same vegetable that was the feature, may not go so well the following week because it is bigger, or longer, or more bitter, or more leathery: in its place there will be another, or its role in the dish will have to change.

Thus, there is no plate equal to another. Take, for example, our salad 21 , 31 , 41 , 51 ...: not only is it different in summer and winter, but also from the lunch service to the evening. Even more, it is different between each of the diners.

No two dishes are the same

In choosing to work with the vegetable garden, we have chosen to not be able to host more than a few dozen diners every day, or really take our cuisine elsewhere.

It also means, for me, a daily task that I can’t delegate to anyone, and that every day I am forced to learn and adapt.